Menofyt- Managing menopausal symptoms naturally

Menopause is a natural biological process that occurs as part of aging in women and is associated with the depletion of hormone production. Menopause is associated with several clinical complications. Menofyt is a well-balanced combination of soy isoflavones with essential vitamins and minerals. Soy isoflavones, essential vitamins and minerals contained in Menofyt are important for the general well-being of postmenopausal women.

The available clinical data confirms the benefits of soy isoflavones. Soy isoflavones have several beneficial activities such as estrogenic, antioxidant, anticarcinogenic, anti-atherogenic, hypolipidemic and anti-osteoporotic. Furthermore, soy isoflavones also promote the cardiovascular, bone and cognitive health benefits. The vitamins and minerals provide additional benefits for well-being of women. Vitamin D, magnesium, manganese, zinc, copper and boron are important for bone health and help in the prevention of osteoporosis. Vitamin B12, folic acid, and Vitamin B6 provide the starting materials for the synthesis of serotonin and dopamine, the two neurotransmitters integral to the body’s ability to regulate mood. Hence, vitamins combat the mood swings, irritability, depression and sleeplessness associated with menopause.


  • Soy isoflavones extract (40%)
  • Essential vitamins and minerals


  • Pre-menopausal symptoms
  • Post-menopausal symptoms


  • One capsule daily

Benefits of Menofyt

  • Relieves acute menopausal symptoms
  • Significantly improves hot flushes, joint pain and vaginal dryness
  • Protects against cardiovascular diseases, breast cancer and osteoporosis
  • Helps regulate mood, sleep and eating habits
  • Improves cognitive function