Digestive health

Digestive health is an important component of overall health and anything that we eat affects our overall well-being. A good digestive health ensures proper absorption of vitamins, nutrients and minerals. Various factors such as stress, lack of sleep, antibiotics, illness, poor diet, aging etc. are associated with an imbalance of favorable bacteria and other microorganisms present in our digestive tract. This leads to various health issues. In cases of altered digestive health, digestive aids such as Laff become essential to revive and maintain a normal digestive system.

Human body needs calcium to make strong bones and maintain a balance between blood and bones. Joint and bone health products are designed to meet everybody's joint and bone care needs. The range is based upon calcium, glucosamine, chondroitin plus additional supporting vitamins and minerals, which are vital for joint and bone health.


Lactocil, a perfect combination of prebiotics and probiotics (referred popularly as synbiotics), is an effective way of favorably maintaining intestinal microbiota. Synbiotics have proven benefits in various gut-related disorders such as inflammatory bowel disease (IBD), digestion, Travelers’ diarrhea for maintaining general health. The main component of Lactocil is probiotic Lactobacillus that helps in restoring microbial balance in intestine. This balance helps in neutralizing detrimental effects of harmful bacteria.


  • Lactobacillus sporogenes 150 million spores
  • Fructo oligosaccharides 100 mg